Altar Server
Duties: Assist the Priest during Mass by holding the
Sacramentary, helping at presentation of the gift,
carrying the crucifix, etc.
Time: Rotating schedule (arrive 20 minutes early),
plus initial training and on-going formation sessions.
Skills: An ability to be graceful, attentive and reverent
at Mass; dependable.

Chuck Adams
Tel. 301-863-8144
Decorating Committee
Duties: Work with the pastor to decorate the church
for special events and liturgical seasons (Advent,
Christmas, Lent and Easter). Care for the plants inside
the church.
Time: Depend on duties accepted, usually a few
hours at the beginning of each season.
Skills: An eye for appropriate church decoration,
ability to work under deadline (often there is little
time to change the seasonal decorations).

Damaritza Ortiz
Tel. 301-737-3526
Via Web: Click here
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy
Time: Participants are assigned on a rotating
schedule, initial training and on-going formation
sessions are provided. The Archbishop’s designation
is for a renewable term of three years.
Skills: Love and reverence for the Eucharist; ease in
public settings; Catholic in good standing who has
received the sacraments of initiation (Baptism,
Confirmation and Eucharist).

Mike Crowe
Tel. 240-434-8369
Extraordinary Minister to Chesapeake
Shores Nursing Home
Duties: Bring Eucharist each Sunday to Catholics at
Chesapeake Shores.It is preferable that ministers
work in pairs.Be prepared to offer prayers.
Time: One Sunday a month, except when a month
has five Sundays.The total time each month is an
hour or less.Ministers are assigned the same Sunday
each month.The distribution of the Eucharist begins
about 9:30 or 9:45 each Sunday morning.
Skills: Possess the skills of regular Extraordinary
Minister of Holy Communion (see above). Must have
the ability to learn prayers and routine from
coordinator or other incumbent.

Betty Dion
Tel. 301-863-8490

(Similar ministry also available to St. Mary’s Hospital,
contact Fr. Schad, 301-863-8144)
Extraordinary Minister to the
Duties: Bring Eucharist to and pray with homebound
parishioners regularly.
Time: One hour each week depending on the
number of volunteers; initial one-time training; one
annual meeting.
Skills: Possess the skills of regular Extraordinary
Minister of Holy Communion (see above). Ability to
comfort people with prayer; a willingness to grow in
the Lord’s service.

Marco Schad
Tel. 301-863-8144
Lector (adult, teen)
Duties: Proclaim the Scripture readings at Mass with
reverence and understanding.
Time: Participants are assigned on a rotating
schedule, with one formation session Saturday
mornings; personal time spent in study and reflection
on the Word.
Skills: A love for God’s Word and desire to study it
more deeply; a clear speaking voice; at ease speaking
in front of people.

Mike Crowe
Tel. 240-434-8369
Linen Caretakers
Duties: Take home used linens, altar cloths,
purificators and towels to clean/press.
Time: Rotating schedule approximately 3 hours once
a month.
Skills: A caring eye for detail; knowledge concerning
laundering, pressing, and folding.

Bea Agamaite
Tel. 301-862-3992
Liturgy Committee
Duties: Join others in preparing and coordinating the
major liturgical events of the parish.
Time: Periodic meetings throughout the year with the
Pastor; liturgical study and reading on one’s own.One
committee member spends approximately two
additional hours typing and distributing minutes.
Skills: Ability to work well on a team; special interest
and/or expertise in liturgy as the Catholic Church
treasures it.

Fr. Marco Schad
Tel. 301-863-4144
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